• Goldman Sachs Branch 25

    Goldman Sachs Branch 25
    Location: NY, US

    Structural Design. 2700 Series Alumicor Limited

  • 1108 Robson Street Canopies

    1108 Robson Street Canopies
    Location: Downtown Vancouver

    Structural design of awnings and their attachments.

  • Concordia University

    Concordia University
    Location: Montreal

    Structural Design. 2700 Series. Alumicor Limited

  • Marinus Tower 3

    Marinus Tower 3
    Location: New Westminster, BC

    Starline 9000 window wall system.
    Structural design.

  • Privacy Screen. Private residence. Structural design.

    Privacy Screen. Private residence. Structural design.
    Location: Vancouver, BC

    Privacy screen made from 20 mm laminated glass
    with diffuse white PVB interlayer, screen is secured with patch fittings at slab edge
    and vertical galvanized steel stiffeners on sides with structural silicone.


Unitized curtain wall systems are typically custom designed by manufacturer.

There is a wide variety of systems on the market from manufacturers that provide different levels of reliability. Unitized systems range in performance ability from industry standard to high performance walls. It is thus recommended that projects specifying unitized curtain wall systems incorporate a team member who has a breadth of experience in designing and working with unitized systems. Mihko Engineering can be reliable part of your team. We have practical knowledge and experience of providing structural calculations for variety of curtain wall producers in Canda and US. These are Antamex International, Alumicor Limited, Schuko, Starline Architectural Windows, High Rise Windows Technologies and other systems represanted on North American market.

Unitized systems are usually pressure equalized rain screen systems. The units completely assembled in a factory and shipped to the site for installation on the building. The units are placed on the floors, bundled in crates, using the tower crane and lowered into place using a smaller crane or hoist owned by the glazing contractor. The mullion dimensions tend to be slightly larger than a stick system due to their open section as compared to the tube shape of a standard stick curtain wall section.

The advantages of the unitized system derive from the more reliable seals achievable from factory construction and the reduced cost of labor in the factory versus that of high rise field labor. Units can be assembled in a factory while the structural frame of the building is being constructed. Where stick systems require multiple steps to erect and seal the wall, unitized walls arrive on the site completely assembled allowing the floors to be closed in more quickly. Unitized systems also require less space on site for layout thus providing an advantage for urban sites with space limitations.

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Mihko Engineering Ltd engineers keep climbing in their professionalism.

2010 . 06 . 13

Swiss professor has just received the Millennium Technology Prize for developing low-cost solar cells that can be built into glass windows.