• Goldman Sachs Branch 25

    Goldman Sachs Branch 25
    Location: NY, US

    Structural Design. 2700 Series Alumicor Limited

  • 1108 Robson Street Canopies

    1108 Robson Street Canopies
    Location: Downtown Vancouver

    Structural design of awnings and their attachments.

  • Concordia University

    Concordia University
    Location: Montreal

    Structural Design. 2700 Series. Alumicor Limited

  • Marinus Tower 3

    Marinus Tower 3
    Location: New Westminster, BC

    Starline 9000 window wall system.
    Structural design.

  • Privacy Screen. Private residence. Structural design.

    Privacy Screen. Private residence. Structural design.
    Location: Vancouver, BC

    Privacy screen made from 20 mm laminated glass
    with diffuse white PVB interlayer, screen is secured with patch fittings at slab edge
    and vertical galvanized steel stiffeners on sides with structural silicone.

Glazed balustrades and balconies

Balconies became a beautiful integral element of the buildings elevations. Balcony railings have different design, finishing, shape, materials and color.
Aluminum, fiberglass, steel, stainless steel, wood, glass, concrete – materials are used for balcony railings in common practice.
Also balcony railings can be attached to the supported structures in a variety of ways.


  1. Railing track attached to the balcony slab with the wedge bolt anchor.
  2. Railing track embedded to a concrete and welded to a steel plate in a concrete.
  3. Railing track is welded to the steel plate on top of the slab.
  4. Similar attachment as C, but instead of welding track is anchored with cap screws.
  5. Railing track is installed in front of the slab edge and supported by the angle, attached to the slab edge.
  6. Track is secured to the slab edge with anchor bolts.
Shown above picture provides you with attachments ideas, but all fasteners, welding joints, anchors, spacing between fasteners,
posts have to be engineered by certified engineer in your province. Other methods of attachment are possible and their integrity
to be determined by the installer together with their structural engineer.
Using of glass in railings and guards require special consideration based on applicable standards.
We would recommend to concentrate on the following design considerations:
  • Impact resistance
  • Post breakage robustness
  • Immediate risk due to sharp edged fragments
  • Risk of falling glass fragments
  • Handrail design
  • Perception of comfort and safety
Very common in glazing railings design practice is the situation, when designer or contractor following customers
instruction and do not provide handrail on top of the glass.
Only this action is breaching two major statements of the design consideration, such are:
  • Handrail must transfer loads safely to adjacent panels in case of glass breakage
  • Sharp edges and glass corners can create potential risk of injury due to the open edges.
In balustrade and balconies glazing support system plays key role in the architectural appearance.
There are several types of connections commonly used in the industry:
  • Linear supports (it is shown on a picture above)
  • Point support or also called in industry as a “spider connections”.
  • Combined systems
Spider connections can be done based on:
  • Bolts with clamping disk
  • Countersunk bolts
  • Edge connectors or clamps
  • Adhesive point-fixings
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Mihko Engineering Ltd engineers keep climbing in their professionalism.

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Swiss professor has just received the Millennium Technology Prize for developing low-cost solar cells that can be built into glass windows.