Turning Your Vision into Reality!

We are fully licensed engineering company servicing our clients in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. For years Mihko Engineering has teamed with architects, developers, owners, communities and other stakeholders to help them achieve their vision by providing proven building envelope and structural engineering expertise.

Commercial Glazing

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We do analysis and engineering for Curtain Walls, Storefront, Skylights, Glass, metal railings and balustrades, Structural glazing, Point supported glass, Fin glass walls, Glass partitions, Canopies, Cable supported glass, Displays & Signage.
Our computerized office is able to simulate varieties of glass applications to provide most practical and durable solution to the design based on a best engineering practice, current Building Codes and Standards. We are able to save a lot of money to Developers, by recognizing facade problems on early stage of the project. during it design or early stage of construction.

Residential Glazing


We provide our clients with building envelope and structural engineering of different glazing systems. We are working with aluminum and vinyl, fiberglass and wood, steel and composite windows and doors.
We design and engineer all glazing related systems on the building. Facades engineering is one of the major parts of our business. We are able to design fasade systems produced from aluminum composite panels as well as glazed aluminum curtain wall – structurally glazed or capped.

Glazing Applications

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By using innovative software approved by most of well known internationally glass producers like Pilkington, Saint Gobain, AGC and others we are able to engineer specific glazing applications such as glass stairs and slabs, point supported glass, glass fins, glass canopies, elevators enclosures, blast resistant glazing.

Building Envelope

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Our practical knowledge expands to a building envelope engineering due to the extensive practice on a field of glass enclosures and facade design. Our facade practice covers curtain walls, different paneling systems and window walls within many Cities in North America Рsuch  are Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, LA, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax, Winnipeg and Ottawa. We are doing thermal analysis of the glazing system, building code calculations, blast resistance glass design, anchoring design. In a short words full facade consulting to any professionals РArchitects or Developer, General Contractor or Glazing Contractor.